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Imagine stepping into the luxury home of your dreams, customized to reflect your unique taste and preferences. It’s a living space designed with you and your family’s needs at the forefront, displaying unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. For over 30 years, Herrington Homes has been making dreams come true for homeowners in North Carolina. Allow our team of knowledgeable professionals to guide you on a journey toward your ideal living experience and discover why we’re the most trusted new home contractors in North Carolina. 

Your Dream Home, Built With Integrity

At Herrington Homes, we pride ourselves on the four foundational pillars: trust, respect, integrity, and unmatched craftsmanship. With these principles in our DNA, we continually deliver exceptional custom home construction services to each and every client. The result is not just a beautiful home but a relationship built on accountability and dedication that exceeds expectations.

In a world where cutting corners has become the norm, Herrington Homes stands out by consistently providing our clients with the best quality and experience. We’re not just any new house builder in North Carolina. We’re the one-stop solution for generations of homeowners who value exquisite design, outstanding service, and unparalleled expertise. 

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Unrivaled New Home Construction Services

Our comprehensive new home construction services cater to your every need, from initial concept to the finishing touches. Whether you’re seeking a modern, traditional, or contemporary design, Herrington Homes has the skill set and resources to bring your vision to life. Our services include:

  • Custom design consultation: Our professional designers will help you create a unique and personalized home plan that suits your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Construction: Our skilled professionals use high-quality materials and apply their deep industry knowledge to build the home you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Quality assurance: Rest assured that we’ll build your new home to the highest standards with our meticulous quality inspections at every stage of the construction process.

Trust Herrington Homes To Turn Your Dream Home Into Reality

As leading new home contractors in North Carolina, we understand that choosing a new house builder can be a daunting task. With our three decades of proven success and dedication to excellence, you can trust Herrington Homes to handle your new home construction project with complete professionalism and expertise.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Embrace the superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service of Herrington Homes. Contact us today to begin the journey toward your dream home in North Carolina.

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Offering choices from the most trusted brands in the industry

With over 30 years of custom home construction knowledge and meaningful sales experiences, we have developed systems that make building and purchasing a home a pleasurable, stress-free experience. We’re proud to have the most talented and professional team in Western North Carolina, and actively evangelize what a difference a team of experts can make. Herrington Homes is excited to offer choices from the most trusted brands in the industry so that you can be proud of every inch of your new home, inside and out.

We aren’t satisfied until you feel your experience with us has been a 10

We’re incredibly proud of the legacy that comes with each of our custom homes. Every home that we sell is an expression of a personal lifestyle that we bring to reality, utilizing creative architects and designers along with skilled craftsmen. Buying your home from us lets you live in a space custom-tailored to your way of life. Herrington Homes also offers delivery options for our clients that want to skip the custom building process and select a home straight from our website! We aren’t satisfied until you feel your experience with us has been a 10 – it’s all part of Herrington Homes’ continuing commitment to offering quality homes and top-rated customer service.

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What Separates Us From Other Builders

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One of our experts will meet you at your build site and walk the property with you to complete a home design and build plan. Don’t have a lot? No worries! Herrington Homes can help find you one through our network of preferred builder neighbors. We understand you have unique tastes and want your residence to reflect your lifestyle. When you design your custom home with us, you can rest assured that no detail is too small to be addressed!


We are committed to making your deadline our priority. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all timeline, we utilize a time-tested and streamlined process to make each of our builds as efficient as possible. We’re here to help, and would love to discuss any ideas or questions you might have.

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Herrington Homes takes pride in the quality of every home we build, no matter the size. Every single detail is taken into account, which is what makes our end products breathtaking. We work with trade partners of the most elite integrity and commitment to quality. Our subcontractors are extremely well-trained in their area of expertise. Our team devotes themselves to every project as though they’re building it for their own family.


Our experienced professionals will always factor your budget into our planning and decisions to ensure our finished product reflects your investment goals. We will prepare a comprehensive investment proposal for your home. Our team will review this proposal with you, answer any of your questions, and make any necessary adjustments, so that you can invest in your finished home with confidence. To us, the client comes first. Our homes are designed and built with timeless designs using high-quality materials at affordable prices.

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We’ve been in the business long enough to have built relationships with some of the most talented subcontractors in the industry. Herrington Homes has earned the respect of the people we hire to finish the job, which means your roofing, flooring and everything in between will be installed, according to plan, carefully and expertly. Speak with one of our experienced professionals to learn more!

We’re here to answer any questions you may have

A Herrington Homes job site is personally supervised by our team, assuring our clients’ expectations are exceeded throughout the construction and finishing process. Embarking on your home buying journey with us is a promise of excellence in integrity, quality, and professionalism from start to finish. It doesn’t end there; Not interested in a custom build? Pick a design from our website, and we’ll worry about the rest. From helping source your build site to delivering the finished product directly to you, choose Herrington Homes for a stress-free home buying process. On top of dealing with planning and execution, we’re here to answer any questions you may have as you’re settling into your new home and potentially new area!

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Dedicated Craftmens

In addition to our stress-free, straight-forward buying process, Herrington Homes has developed systems that carefully address the scope of the construction experience with a high level of professionalism and organization. Whether you have a collection of pictures, a design you’ve fallen in love with, or you’ve been working with an architect, we can turn your ideas into reality. We employ craftsmen that are completely dedicated to our projects and our projects only so that your finished product is the entire team’s priority.

Quality Custom Home Construction and Design Services

Coordination with architects and interior/landscape designers ensures that you aren’t sacrificing aesthetics for efficient and properly working systems. Herrington Homes’ history and experience allow us to work with every client one-on-one, and to share our knowledge in ways that will most benefit you. The outcome is constructing a home perfectly suited for your needs, and which performs at a higher standard in terms of efficiency and longevity.

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Precision Cost Evaluation + Budget Management

You can expect a complete analysis of cost estimates during the design phase. Budgetary accuracy matters to us, and we want you to feel confident about investing in your dream home. The experienced professionals at Herrington Homes strive to help you find the most affordable option available, and will always acquire several vendor and supplier quotes to make sure you’re getting the best quality and price. Herrington Homes knows that a new home is probably one of the largest personal investments our clients will make in their lifetime. We want to be there to make it as simple and smooth of a process as is possible. We love answering questions and value transparent communication!

What Makes A Herrington Home A Great Value?

Personal Attention
With over 35 years of experience in the custom home building Herrington Homes is in a unique position to guide you in all facets of custom home building. We will be personally involved with every aspect of your build and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We're able to assist you in every step of the build process from lot selection, optimum location of the home on the site, to the home's design and the selection of materials and finishes. Nick takes a personal role and is onsite to oversee the construction process from beginning to end ensuring a consistent high level of quality and craftsmanship. To maintain this personal involvement and attention to detail, we only commit to building a limited number of houses each year and we want you to be a part of that.
An Integrated Approach
All custom home builds are unique but Herrington Homes are built "site specific". This means all factors in the building's structural design are tailored to the unique requirements of your lot and home design. We work to perform site engineering tests to determine the suitability of the soils composition, density for its load bearing capabilities as well as its "shear strength" for erosion control. This information is essential to the structural design of the foundation system on the sloped terrain present here in the mountains. The soil data is supplied to a structural engineer along with a topographical survey of the lot (indicating the slope of the build site) as well as the calculated load points of the roof and floor systems from the truss engineer so as to design an integrated structure specific to your build.
Superior Level Of Construction
Building strictly to "code" isn't good enough for us. All Herrington Homes are built to a higher standard. "Code" is a minimal benchmark. We build our homes to meet or exceed "Energy Star" home efficiency requirements. We exceed the minimum requirements of "code", be it in structural design, construction material selections, moisture barriers, insulation, or the efficiency and versatility of the heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems. All of the areas proven to provide the homeowner with real benefits enhancing the living experience and enjoyment of their Herrington Home.
A Dedicated "Team" Of Craftsmen Working Together In Harmony
Herrington Homes believes in a team approach. We don't change contractors on every build based on their bid price alone as do some builders. The various tradesmen contracted to build your home have been selected over our years working in Western North Carolina because they not only provide exceptional craftsmanship but will work in a synergistic environment providing a harmonious, productive and friendly atmosphere. Our contractors know each other and look out for one another's work. They enjoy working on our homes and with one another. That positive attitude is reflected in the consistent quality of their work. All of our contractors are licensed (as required) and fully insured.
A Stress Free Build
Although building a custom home is a huge undertaking, your home building experience should be stress free and enjoyable! With our personal involvement guiding you in every aspect of the build process, the experience can be much easier and fun! Providing custom design services as well as bidding and building from your plans and specifications we offer a unique personalized building experience at competitive prices! Herrington Homes has built hundreds of homes for satisfied customers over the years. Many were built for owners who were living in another part of the country and were not able to visit the build site during construction. We were able to meet or exceed their expectations and we have the letters of recommendation to prove it. We would love to share with you the positive building experiences your neighbors have had building with Herrington Homes!
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Whether you are building or simply buying, we look forward to discussing your vision for your next residence with you.