Letter Of Recommendation From Brad & Michelle Kostelich

Dear Nick,

Michelle and I want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the consultative insight, quality of work, and personal care that Herrington Homes has taken to build our beautiful new home in Walnut Cove.

Beginning with our first meeting to review the architectural plans in January of 2019, our experience has been guided by a genuine commitment you and your team have provided to build us a luxury home designed for our lifestyle.

Over the past eight months of living in the home, we have received many compliments on the style and quality construction of the home, which in some cases might be expected from family and friends. However, we have also received similar comments from contractors and other trade representatives that are not personal relationships. That unsolicited and direct feedback continues to support and validate our choice to have partnered with Herrington Homes.

Thank you again for the commitment and dedication that went into building our home. It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with you and your team. We look forward to enjoying our home and the experiences we will create in the coming years.

All the best,

Brad & Michelle Kostelich

The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

Letter Of Recommendation From Clem Stone

Hi Nick,

This was my first house built from the ground up and I was definitely feeling apprehensive about the process. However, I have to say Herrington Homes made the process more stress-free than I would have ever thought. The level of guidance and the amount of options was perfect. I couldn’t ask for any better level of service, responsiveness, or patience throughout the build and after the build. No corners were cut, materials were top quality, all work reflected attention to
detail, and the build was completed on time. If I were to build another home it would definitely be with Herrington Homes.

Clem Stone

Letter Of Recommendation From Roger W. Saylor

Hi Nick,

It is my pleasure to recommend Herrington Homes as a builder of Luxury Custom Homes.  Herrington Homes built our Walnut Cove home in 2016 from plans that we worked with them on adapting to our site.  For the majority of the building process, we were not located locally and only made a trip to Asheville every few months to meet with them and update the progress on construction and make any adjustments as the building process progressed.  We found Herrington Home’s staff to be responsive and helpful and are very pleased with our home.  What few post-closing issues were discovered were quickly resolved with no issues and completely to our satisfaction.  In addition, if we have new questions about our home, they are still quick to respond even after six-years of living in the house.  

Roger W. Saylor

Walnut Cove – Asheville, NC. 

Letter Of Recommendation From Rober W. Petty

Hi Nick,

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Herrington Homes, LLC. as your builder in The Cliffs at Walnut Cove.

My experience with this builder was excellent. My home was built on time and within budget, with virtually no punch list. Their management and field supervision were excellent.


Rober W. Petty

Letter Of Recommendation From Brad H. Carmichael

Dear Nick,

Congratulations on assuming your new role as owner and operator of Herrington Homes. As a former client, I am pleased to provide you with this letter of reference.

As you know, our home at 22 Mountain Orchid Way within The Cliffs at Walnut Cove was constructed by Herrington Homes (HH) during the latter half of 2015 and completed in April 2016. During the construction process, Mary and I were living in West Virginia. This meant that we had to rely heavily on the expertise and supervision of HH. We visited the site about every 4-6 weeks to observe the progress. Over the course of the construction period, communication was frequent which made decision making very easy. HH was very organized, laying out each step in the process and identifying the nature and timing of decisions that were required in order to keep the project on track. I very much appreciated the collaboration between HH and us. Having a house built while living remotely can produce anxiety. The more we interacted, the more comfortable I became with staying on schedule and the quality of the finished product. Both Mary and I were very happy with the experience.

Also, there have been occasions over the past five years when I have needed your assistance to deal with a few minor issues. You and the team were always responsive and took care of any issue quickly.
Best of luck as you lead Herrington Homes into the future.


Brad H. Carmichael