Our Services

Quality Custom Home Construction and Design Services

Design, cost, quality and schedule influence all aspects of the construction process. With over 32 years of construction expertise, Herrington Homes LLC developed systems that carefully address the scope of the construction experience with a high level of professionalism and organization.

  • Coordinating with architects, interior and landscape designers in all architectural design. Engineering, soil analysis, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are reviewed to ensure that proper working systems are in place and aesthetics are not sacrificed.
  • Complete analysis of cost estimates during the design phase with evaluation of materials for cost effectiveness and budgetary accuracy.
  • Comprehensive and efficient construction management with hands-on project supervision guaranteeing that expectations are exceeded and customer satisfaction is priority #1.

Private tours of a Herrington Home and confidential consultations can be arranged by contacting:

Roseann Cioce and Nick Cioce

Office –  828.545.6111

Cellular – 828.450.0997