“We have the pleasure of owning a home built by Doug and Roseann Cioce of Herrington Homes. The build quality of our home is second to none. Whether you look at the surface or behind the walls, quality resounds. Their knowledge and professionalism show through in all respects. We are glad to recommend them as builders”.


- Cal & Eileen Reynolds

“When my wife and I decided to build our new home in Asheville, we knew that we would need to form a relationship with a builder that has integrity and would build for us a four-season home of the highest quality and value. We were indeed fortunate to have found that builder right here in the Walnut Cove community. Roseann and Doug Cioce of Herrington Homes helped us choose the design and finish details that we wanted and did so with extraordinary patience and professionalism. We agreed on a fixed price with an aggressive building schedule and they performed as promised on time and within budget without a single disagreement or misunderstanding. We were able to do this through constant access to the builder, not a superintendent, all while we were living in Los Angeles, CA. In fact, we only visited the site twice during the construction process.

I have spent my working career in the construction industry and I know what constitutes quality construction. The Herrington Homes product is uncompromising in the quality of materials, execution and detail. Their relationships with their subcontractors speak volumes. The continued service after we moved into our home has been unbelievable. Doug has been proactive by keeping an eye on any issue that may arise and responds immediately. I would advise anyone seeking such a builder to come and see our home and let me point out the quality we did not see from the other builders in the area.”

Bill & Jan Dockendorf

- Bill & Jan Dockendorf