Meet The Team

Roseann Cioce

Roseann has spent the majority of her career building and selling custom homes. A Licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years, she is very aware of current housing market trends and values. Roseann has developed a vast knowledge of building and design working with architects and landscape designers in assisting homeowners in creating that perfect plan that translates to a comfortable home. Her role with Herrington Homes is sales, marketing and the selections process. Roseann teams up with local interior designers to assist clients in their selections. She is dedicated to making sure that each Herrington Home is completed to the client’s total satisfaction. Weekly visits to each jobsite, ensures that the selections are implemented correctly and that a quality finish is provided. Roseann is personally available to answer any question during the building process and keeps clients updated with progress photos and schedule.

Douglas Cioce

Douglas has been a Licensed General Contractor for over 30 years. His career started in Florida where some of the toughest building codes in the country are enforced. Douglas has build hundreds of homes and has always personally supervised each jobsite. Each Herrington Home is built with quality and integrity, never using builder’s grade materials or cutting corners. Douglas has assembled a team of subcontractors that implement his high standards of quality. The team has been selected for their expertise and customer service on which Herrington Homes has built their reputation. Douglas’ role is to build each home with structural integrity which he accomplishes by working with engineers (both soil and structural). Each home is thoroughly studied before construction commences and each team member is notified of each homes personalization. Douglas is on the job daily, checking progress and works with job foreman to keep each home on schedule for timely completion.

Nick Cioce

Joining the team in 2014, Nick brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to the business. As a CEDIA certified system designer work in the South West Florida, DC and New York City markets, Nick brings a technology focused thought process which helps Herrington Homes assess and deliver on their client’s Audio, Video and Home Automation needs. In addition to this role, Nick is currently a NC Licensed General Contractor and the Director of Operations and coordinates office operations with work in the field.